A Smarter ERP,
For a Smarter Business

Future-proof resource planning with intelligent automation.

Designed on SAP HANA, Numeric’s S/4 HANA ERP solutions embed advanced analytics like AI and machine learning, enabling workflows and systems to “learn as they go.” The result? A smarter ERP.

Your ERP system was supposed to make things easier, not harder. S/4 HANA avoids common problems associated with ERP integration, configuration, and data mining, eliminating the gaps that can separate transactions from insights.

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Your Trusted Partner in S/4 HANA Integration and Services

Whether you’re migrating and converting distributed or legacy systems, or installing a net new S/4 HANA ERP, Numeric can help. Our consultants bring hands-on systems knowledge from hundreds of implementations, so you can best leverage existing software investments as your ERP strategy is realized.

Our Expertise

Our S4/HANA solutions merge transactions, predictive analytics, and data virtualization onto a shared architecture that empowers your businesses to operate at the speed of business.

Advanced Analytics

We combine Big Data solutions with HANA, visualize and interpret information, and integrate cutting-edge business objects tools and technologies.

  • Integrate with Tableau, Qlik, Oracle, and More
  • Correlate and Mine Data for Predictive Insights
  • Custom HANA Modelin, Dashboard Configuration

Business Process Optimization

Connect with customers through the channels that drive the most value — to them, and to your business.

  • Identify New Revenue Streams
  • Adapt to Changing Dynamics in Real-Time
  • Improve Customer Service and Communications

Deploy On Premise, In The Cloud … Or Somewhere In Between

Maximize time-to-value with on-premise, cloud-based, or a hybrid S4/HANA solution that suits your unique requirements.

  • Reduce Data Footprints
  • Decrease Hardware and Operational Costs
  • Protect and Extend Existing Investments

SAP Experience

Why Choose Numeric

Proven Expertise

Our senior consultants bring an average 10+ years experience to SAP S/4HANA greenfield and brownfield projects.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Implementing S4/HANA is only the first step. Numeric can help you leverage and extend the embedded analytics capabilities for impressive results.

Bench Strength

We can augment your staff, help develop centers of excellence based upon HANA best practices, as well as develop and architect your systems.

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What Can S4/HANA Do For You?