Hyper-Charge Innovation with SAP Cloud

Seamless integration. Instant deployment. Maximum savings.

Numeric’s experienced consultants have overseen hundreds of successful SAP Cloud implementation. We’ll advise your team, oversee systems integration, and give you the tools to develop at the speed of innovation.

The days of on-premise servers and intensive capital investments are coming to a close … and fast. Today’s markets demand a more adaptable, proactive approach to development, data management, security, and life-cycle management than legacy, on-premise systems can deliver. Is it time for you to move to the cloud?

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Embrace the Cloud as a Competitive Edge

Numeric’s approach to SAP Cloud emphasizes integration between core SAP systems, SaaS, HANA and other tools and services, so your business can more easily consolidate and share data between disparate solutions.

Our Expertise

Our SAP Cloud solutions help you leverage preconfigured tools and services to simplify development and streamline deployment.

SAP Sales Cloud

Provide sales teams the right customer data, so they can sell more efficiently.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Align marketing activities precisely to sales channels, customers and leads by combining market and marketing performance data.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Maintain consistent and personalized contact with your customers across all channels, and watch your sales take off.

SAP Service Cloud

Answer customers through any channel, and turn complaints into conversations that improve retention and growth.

Why Choose Numeric

Seamless Integration

Prepackaged content and processes jumpstart integration efforts between cloud and third-party apps, as well as on-premise solutions.

  • Core SAP, SAP SaaS offerings, SAP Hana Data Management Suite, SAP Data Hub
  • Custom Adapters for Increased Connectivity
  • Integrate Data Synchronously and Asynchronously

Instant Deployment

Readymade application components, integrated functions, and modular business services facilitate push-button deployment.

  • Extensive Ecosystem of Partner-Built Solutions & Apps
  • Simplify Authentication and Provisioning
  • Increase Speed to Value

Simplify and Streamline Development

Build new business services and apps with an integrated programming framework based upon open standards.

  • Align Agile, ABAP, & DevOps Development Principles
  • Standardize Programming Frameworks with Integrated Tools
  • Focus Development Efforts on Application Business Logic

Holistic API Management

More easily consolidate and manage all application interfaces (API) across both legacy and cloud solutions.

  • Create Stable, Predictable Systems and Processes via Bimodal IT
  • Expand Value of Existing Applications
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Unmatched User Experience

Provide intuitive, useful interfaces that address user needs across every device type, to ensure your applications deliver value.

  • Integrated SDKs Including SAP Fiori

What Can SAP Do For You?