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Our more than 800 professional services consultants boast an average 20 years of SAP implementation, development, and consulting experience. And because partnership is more than a job — it’s a relationship — Numeric only recruits consultants with a passion for collaborative problem solving. Because our success depends upon yours.

Automating a broken process only speeds up the damage it can do. At Numeric, we use AI-driven automation and testing to model business scenarios, blueprint worfklows, develop test plans, and design the modular, reusable artifacts that ensure your SAP implementation delivers planned efficiencies, insights, and digital transformation.

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Minimize Risk, Maximize Reward

Success is 90% preparation. Our expert professional services team will help you decrease manual testing efforts, minimize deployment risk, and accelerate time-to-market with the customized solutions, personalized training, and packaged engagement models that quickly address your unique needs

Our Expertise

Numeric consulting and professional services engagements rely upon industry best practices gleaned from thousands of SAP implementations.


Proven methodologies. Clearly defined KPIs. Transparent outcomes. Our experts will guide you through the process of defining scope, designing effective solution architectures, and overseeing enterprise wide migrations, implementations, and rollouts.

  • Rapid implementation and time-to-value
  • Scale successful methods to other areas of your business
  • Packaged implementation services available

Transformation Strategy

We offer a proven model for the development, socialization, and execution of enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives.

  • Scope and strategy definition based upon best practices
  • Purpose-built testing and planning methods
  • Cross-departmental enablement and education toolsets


From test case methodology to custom technical controls, steering technologies to test data analysis, Numeric offers complete optimization and test automation consulting services.

  • Accelerate business innovation
  • Minimize redundancy
  • Lower maintenance efforts and costs


Our pre-built and custom integration services allow you to easily connect your SAP platform to internal and external application landscapes.

  • Integration needs assessment
  • API analysis and integration
  • Packaged implementation services available

Training & Development

We offer personalized product training and professional development services, including online and on-site classes designed to maximize the retention of key concepts and methodologies.

  • Core and specialized certification programs
  • Custom coaching and training packages
  • Extensive curriculum of on-demand classes

Partner Enablement

Our consultants deliver nuanced implementation, training, and enablement frameworks that ensure your team is always prepared to deliver success.

  • Global consultant ecosystem
  • SAP certification services available

SAP Test Automation Tools

We work with leading enterprise software solutions and technology stacks.

Why Choose Numeric

Increase Risk Coverage

Our consultants model test cases on your unique use cases, increasing risk coverage by up to 90%.

Decreased Maintenance Costs

More easily maintain portfolios with test designs that identify and eliminate redundancy and inefficiency.

More Rapid Test Cycles

Decrease the time it takes to execute test cycles by a factor of four with test designs based upon industry best practices.

Rapid Implementation

We’ll help you identify potential implementation delays with packaged services that cut training and rollout times by up to 50%.

Maximize Productivity

Cut the time and effort involved in creating new artifacts by up to 50% with reusable tools and processes.

Smaller Test Portfolios

Numeric automation consultants can help you reduce the size and complexity of existing test sets by up to 75%.

Execution Performance

Our consultants can design custom technical solutions that minimize speed loss and dramatically improve the rate of execution.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Numeric consulting clients achieve regression automation rates averaging 90% or more.

What Can Numeric Professional Services Do For You?

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