DevOps Improves SAP. We Improve DevOps.

Continuous delivery. Continuous integration. Continuous quality.

Numeric provides DevOps consulting services that do more than just streamline SAP development. Our collaborative approach relies on frameworks and toolsets that build consensus among your teams.

Your SAP implementation was supposed to solve, well … just about everything, right? But delivering features and services at scale requires more than speed. Without a plan for unified and continuous testing, delivery, infrastructure management, and integration, the problems will continue to outpace their solutions.

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Your Business is Different. So Are We.

Numeric’s partnership approach relies heavily on training and coaching, ensuring your team understands and retains essential DevOps concepts and techniques. We’ll help you assess, streamline, and improve software delivery processes, including deployment and operations, so your entire operation can work more efficiently.

Our Expertise

Our DevOps expertise helps automate and optimize development and delivery pipelines, so you can bring innovations to market faster.

Continuous Delivery

Instant deployment. Accurate changes. Our CD experts equip you with the tools and techniques to release software in a safe and reliable way.

  • Better Product Quality
  • Fewer Bugs & Incidents
  • Faster Release Timeframes

Continuous Integration

Detect problems before they occur. Our CI methodology ensures departments and teams are collaborating and communicating effectively.

  • Improve Time Management
  • Get Feedback Instantly
  • Faster Problem Detection & Resolution

Infrastructure Management

Automatically provision your technology stack with our proven “infrastructure as code” approach to resource management.

  • Scale Servers and States Instantly
  • Deploy in Real-Time
  • Improve Consistency


Write your code once. Run it anywhere. Our approach to packaging software code ensures that it can run on any infrastructure.

  • Deploy Source Code Faster and Easier
  • Easily Port and Scale Releases
  • Improve Productivity and Security


Rely on agile methodologies and shared toolsets to enable different teams to develop and test discrete functionality in parallel.

  • Resolve Configuration and Scripting Issues
  • Scale Independently
  • Improve Modifiability and Deployment

Cloud Infrastructure

DevOps is about more than process. Cloud computing delivers a centralized testing, deployment, and production environment for DevOps automation.

  • Avoid On-Premises Development Costs
  • Centralize Governance and Facilitate Collaboration
  • Easily Track Usage and Development Resources

Robotic Process Automation

Our team can help you plan, manage, monitor, and scale RPA deployments more strategically with DevOps automation.

  • Integrate RPA With Tech and Services Ecosystems
  • Contextualize and Learn From Your Data
  • Identify and Improve Underperforming RPA Processes

Enterprise DevOps Tools

We work with lead enterprise software solutions and technology stacks.

Numeric is a leader in DevOps

Build Faster

Streamline your approach to software delivery, so teams can quickly react to changing market needs, and launch products faster.

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We’ll help you create a predictable, adaptable system, so your teams can focus on growth, instead of putting out fires.

Reduce Costs

Our approach to automation helps you find and fix bugs faster, so you can integrate and deploy software more reliably.

Identify & Mitigate Risks

Quickly identify and address quality concerns and defects across your entire software development lifecycle.

What Can DevOps Do For You?

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