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Turn barriers into opportunities with purpose-built SAP solutions.

Numeric delivers SAP solutions that consolidate data and systems, streamline processes and reporting, and up-level the way you serve customers.

It’s a funny predicament: as supply chains tighten, customer expectations have only increased. To deliver goods and services at scale, dispersed teams need to make the best decision, in the most efficient way possible — and do it every time.

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Is The Difference.

Numeric helps you maintain consistent operations with SAP solutions that improve the way information flows between departments and systems. Real-time data, configurable workflows, and customizable reports enable supply chains to work faster, smarter, and more cost-effectively to service customers.

Our Expertise

We offer global enterprise application solutions including SAP and Oracle, as well as bundled solutions and services designed to meet the unique demands of your industry.

S/4 Hana

We can help you harness the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to uncover game-changing insights into how your customers transact, and what that means for your business.


Cloud Solutions

Numeric cloud solutions deliver rapid implementation, lower cost of ownership, and the integrations and agility to compete in a digitally transformed world.

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A comprehensive solution for fashion companies to break down barriers and inefficiencies across sales channels.

SAP Fashion

CPG & Retail

A completely integrated retailing system that delivers all the functions necessary for modeling and improving business processes.


Why Choose Numeric

Increase Risk Coverage

Our consultants model test cases on your unique use cases, increasing risk coverage by up to 90%.

Decreased Maintenance Costs

More easily maintain portfolios with test designs that identify and eliminate redundancy and inefficiency.

More Rapid Test Cycles

Decrease the time it takes to execute test cycles by a factor of four with test designs based upon industry best practices.

Rapid Implementation

We’ll help you identify potential implementation delays with packaged services that cut training and rollout times by up to 50%.

Maximize Productivity

Cut the time and effort involved in creating new artifacts by up to 50% with reusable tools and processes.

Smaller Test Portfolios

Numeric automation consultants can help you reduce the size and complexity of existing test sets by up to 75%.

Execution Performance

Our consultants can design custom technical solutions that minimize speed loss and dramatically improve the rate of execution.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Numeric consulting clients achieve regression automation rates averaging 90% or more.

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